Who is she?
a snake of dark skin, a mouth opening,
their near translucent fangs drive in my vein,
I recoil, I twist, I fight the shock,
all too late, she is in me,
she tears me open,
she reveals my flaws,
she is destroying me,
a vulnerable, quivering, small child,
I yearned for that release,
drawing me in further to the dark,
I reach for her scaled skin, her raven locks,
the taste reminds me,
a friend, a lover,
a burning, painful, excruciating pain,
a beautiful release

For a lengthy bit of time, women in relationships we’re my preferred method of expressing myself. Older, married.

Then, every few years a fair/pale skinned girl with brunette/black hair would come along and wreck everything.

And I loved every moment.


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