The weight wouldn’t subside. He thought in the cab, the weight, the pain in his throat would pass. A small dry nagging sensation that grew more irritating as he and Samantha held onto one another for one final time. The car banked, Samantha’s weight rocked lazily into his chest.

“We’re here.” Aaron, tried his all not to sound too defeated. Sitting, the cab driver popped the trunk, a resolute announcement that idling was not permitted. Aaron paid, difficult with one hand in Samantha’s tight grasp, her head buried in his back with dirty blonde locks pillowed on his winter coat.

“honey, I am carrying your things in, I need my other hand.” Samantha, after the sudden outburst of shrieks and excitement over her acceptance letter, turned sullen, a new fear hung on her every move as they slowly walked quietly to the empty train station platform. Setting down her few bags, she immediately hugged him, tightly clinging to his waist, her nose and lips pressing on his chest.

Samantha turned her head, listening to his heart beat, he held her tightly.

“I am going to miss you.” she said sullenly, propping her small chin on his chest, she looked up at him with her large eyes. A petite face with a great smile, Samantha, with a number of hair colors looked attractive in an unique way.

He nudged her side, “I am going to miss waking up to that smile of yours,” he kissed her forehead.

“I am going to miss hearing your voice, seeing your short self bounce around the apartment happy.” she blushed, turning her head down into his chest.

“Don’t what? Make you smile?”

She squeezed tighter. “It’s only 3 weeks, and if you get the part, this will help your career.”

For an eternity, or not long enough, he hadn’t decided they rested in one another’s arms, her blonde hair scented of lilacs. She missed his chest, bringing his hand to her lips to kiss.

A roar filled the air and the train shrieked its arrival.

“This is good bye baby.” Samantha clung tighter, he smiled. She tried to walk through him, deep inside and become one being. Her hands warm, soft and inviting like sunlight.

They missed one last time, with their eyes both closed.

She left with a taste of him and his scent, she gave a small wave with her fingertips.

Good bye.


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