nothing to say but the following..


I have neglected to say a great deal over the past couple of days. Mainly due to my reluctance to use this word press site as a portal for all of my voiced concerns in the daily routine following a mundane life.

Wake Up. Exercise. Work. Eat. Entertainment. Brainstorm or write. Sleep. Repeat.

Today, I lost track of time and I thought the night ending instead of Friday was Sunday. I hung my head low following a gathering of karaoke with a group of close friends leaving until some one mentioned that I assumed incorrectly. It’s still Friday, for at least 27 minutes.

So, I sit here. outlining the events that transpired between the hiatus I mentioned 4 months ago and some activity now. No one ever has asked me personally via e-mail or social media.

I took off from writing late last year. Between the work related in my job, coming home to spend time in front of another monitor simply failed to appeal to anything. I started to resolve that I deserved a break of sorts. I took one.

A close friend managed to get married. An exhaustive task, following all of the small meetings, greetings and fine tuned arrangements that a wedding brings along. I was thrown off of my routine. Writing is a routine in some point for me so I tried to detox in another way — giving up.

Regret – the post, not in the verb or noun sense, felt refreshing. I am in the works for another piece called Pixie. Following that I might blow the dust off of Travesty and begin posting some of the work on a weekly basis. these all come with time.

if there is anything i learned about time, i have little of it and i waste a great deal.


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