Unfortunate Hiatus



Hi there,

Well this explanation is pretty unfortunate. Walking rhetoric was a place for my mind to roam, to create and excel in the world of writing. Lately, either by computer hardware failures, family life crisis’ and close friends making big life changes — I am getting  a difficult time to sit down, clear my head and put pen to paper in a satisfying narrative.

My free time comes in the late evening, between 7pm and 9pm, even then, with the addition to new members of the organization I drafted into in late July, I find my workload increasing.

I saw the following here grow over time, which warms me over with icky emotions. I sacrificed the world from my rambling, bumbling nonsense of a blurb blog. I shunned the use of a personal journal and most of my monologues occur in my head safely where they belong.

Status 1. My main PC is dead and gone a long time ago. In the days following building,  I often resolved that the last machine I built would be “the last I’ll ever need”, then through one disaster after another, I forfeited. I am not capable in being content in technology, my mind wanders through all of the possibilities in improving to the state of rendering me incapable of forward momentum. That being the case — I caved, gave up and moved on. I’ll have other bits to do, but at the moment — in this moment gaming has yet to satisfy the urges I had in the past. I am not sure I’ll ever return at this time.

Status 2. My best-friend is making a life choice, I am involved.

Status 3. National November Novel Writers Month. I do not know the full acronym nor care. Most importantly, I haven’t had time to invest in reading as I often did to save myself from monotony. All of my other assignments considered, I cannot shut myself away for a month and bang out a book. the words or ideas are vivid in my mind, I can call them up without much effort — I simply cannot put them to paper.

Status 4. Preparing. I enjoy paper, I like the feel and touch — I also have two tablets, a cell phone, chrome book and another mid-size laptop. I believe it would be safer to invest my time in ‘better’ methods of capturing my ideas digitally and writing than sporadically across multiple notebooks.

That’s it. Once I find my way and capable of running back to the fold in writing again I will return.



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