Draft Work — Future — Writing Prompting

I must apologize to long time subscribers to my mere only means of social media.

I am sorry.

Checking back on a few updates, dating back in mid February before I had to move, reevaluate my writing goals and projects then only to lose days and months without updates. Keeping a schedule to a medium is difficult, not that I disregard the work of others who may do this on a regular basis, but, I found new respect for those moments I receive a notification of some work be it artistic writing or a medium of some painting or sketch. I can lose myself in roughly ten minutes of prose and consider the work to be s great deal, in my mind I am expecting some great piece of literature in a few strokes, I try to expedite the process as much as I can only to get frustrated and hit the big delete button.

I had to take some advice from Ryan and explore some other means of writing. To get myself back on track so to speak, I spent some time outlining one of the stories I have yet to finish to completion, Allison Morte the queen of rage.

I spent a great deal of time working through the storyline by including a lot of real world experiences in my time on a game guild wars form the early 2000s. During my tenure in the game, my character, or my focus was always to remain in character. Most of the work was inspired in the first few years that I spent time with a good friend running through some of the beginning stages of the game. In such, the game tied into much of my brainstorming but, I wanted more than fan fiction, so I branched off into my own world revolving around similar themes of magic, dragons, but more importantly, what would occur if you included a nigh invincible entity that happened to be a wild individual whose strength and endurance was more than a normal man.

The early ideas aside, the role of writing is to express an idea in some way or shape that makes sense to me. So I spent most of my time doing an outline for how the chapter would progress getting into the details of how and when I would make changes and explain some of the culture and engulf myself in the world of the story. Soon, one small scene or explain action became a chapter of wonder. I was quite amazed at how quickly the story details came out and how often I drew up new ideas to explore.

That’s where I am, writing an outline to chapters of a story that I’ve been day dreaming about for years. I don’t want to get to excited and lose my place, but, I certainly want to move forward.

In the mean time, I have a few bits of flash I am working on. As I continued to write the flash fiction the stories or ideas expanded and grew longer, there are writing prompts I want to test out from fellow writers out there in the blog sphere I respect a great deal for all of their hard work.

Here’s to more work related writings and less ramblings coming in the future.


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