Grid Prison

Grid Prison

As he read the words in the most silence his mind began to wonder recreating this image within his mind. First a cold environment. A grid across a cold white floor. This grid would be a bit darker from the tip down of these fire like spikes across the floor oddly making the grid organic in the long square’s that followed. Close to the “end” of this grid lay two platforms.

Sharing in the same fire like design as the grid links. Harsh cold and flowing within a long rooted evil with the rest of this place. The base covered in the same square style as the floor it rested upon, the final pieces of prison were the platforms themselves. Simple and smooth across the plain, and above the shadowing eye wrapped within thin and both thick wiring dripping from the upper levels of a silk like substance. beyond many things there is a feeling of fear, but then there is a thin line of hope that burns into the depths of heated terror. No one person could make me stay here. The floor once white then of the darkest of red, he recoiled in his thinking. His eyes rested quietly in a tight hold.

He held back what he was and how he could feel as the floor turned white once more beneath the grid. What is this I am trying to hide from? The far spread out in crimson then down a different color. Blue. He pulled his body up from the floor of the platform. This was pirson now, no bars or walls, guards. Nothing, just yourself. He could run, there was nothing to hold him back. The platform was close the floor and then nothing but the neer ending grid.

timothy decan, time for food.” it wasn’t a voice, but a silent statement for him that plugged into him. even though by first thease long wires would seem void, fbut they did serve there purpose for the prisoner. For in everything hey were everything that held him back physically. Many wires both thin and thick, long and short extended themselves within timothy. Not in every part of his body but only rooted within the necessary area’s. all neatly placed. bolts knotted into his skin along each of his limbs, along his back and another in his stomach. they took away ailment and sickness. everlasting life and that of youth for sacrafice into that of crime.

the old replaced with the new all through wires and lines. his body replinished with everything it needed. a wash of water quinched his thirst and down his body and pulled from his stomach which was first was cold there warm as it left. so amazingly connected. it seemed detailed enough, wires of spouts opening in points. Thin metal lines extended from the outside cable’s bolted to his body. His intestine had no use as to other things it went on he forgot about them, and many different things. His waste taken from his body replenished he had nothing else but to return to the cold silence. His pale body rested lowered against the platform. It was interesting how he could simply be overcome by condescent light, plastic, wiring and leather.

it was all loose and all around him. what these were to the ends of his body. his boots that were black as the night sky were thrown over his feet tightly. loosely his black pants were that were tucked into the upper mouth of black leather, and a long sleeve shirt designed to grow with his every need. there was never a moment that he dreamt of escaping. To his feet he rose up quietly, slowly. “why have i never tried?”, this question set within his mind. His goal. he leaped from the platform

making it to the grid floor. It flashed white routinely before it turned red again. somehow it all made sense to do it. The steps were but a few until he heard the click that soon echoed the room. His body felt heavy to the point his legs were breaking in a screaming pain. A harsh long drill and his body fell to the floor.

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