flash poetry – 01

a father provides, in love, in a household, in toys,
often discarded through the living quarters,
often retrieved from limbs, returned to he eager palms of the small girl,
a cheap doll noticeably becomes her best friend,
a friend who she whispers secrets in the dim room under covers,
a friend sharing in bath times and adventures in the plains outside the abode,
always by her side,
one day, trotting along, her friend bouncing along,
a sudden snap and her cry,
the girl rushes, a flurry of anguish and dry tears,
offering the small parts, the toy is dismembered in her hands,
fix him daddy,
resting, he takes the doll in hand,
nothing short of a miracle, deft fingers working the gears into place,
returned without further injury,
she hugs him,
her eyes afire with admiration,
the happy cry as the toy is whisked away,
good as new, better,
her praise to her daddy engineer thread through the warm sky

inspired by the deviant art post by Radthorne [click here]


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