flash fiction — my best friends birthday party

In the wake of some unfortunate events my personal life has increased the amount of time I spend focused on writing. Work has a great deal of projects upcoming which shifts priorities towards cleaning up the small details. I am being insanely vague, but, I personally prefer months of preparation before making a challenging decision. After 12am Friday, I have 72 hours.

Stranger still, I find that the times I spend personally involved in the daily grind, I dig out brief moments to run off a roughdraft of a story that might go some where. Last November, I threw in my ballot to complete a book in a month. The goal laid out was 50,000 words. I wrecked that goal, ending the month at a word count of 100,000 words.

I had been quite proud of the achievement, I locked myself away in my uncles home for two days and started writing. National November Writers Month is some time away — I am going to throw in my ballad again to complete another novel. Although these are the first drafts of the idea, my best friends birthday is inspired by an early screen wright of Quentin Tarentino draft that later became Kill Bill Vol.1 & 2.

I am rambling a bit now, so, I will be posting the rough draft that I have and move on from there. thanks for reading.


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