Humor, Voices & Canyons

Aren’t you rambling? says a voice in the distance. The only voice in a myriad, no, a chorus of vocals all competing to be recognized on behalf of my mind. In a moment their song is horrifying , raising to thousands of languages, the spittle backfire of anger, the somber melancholy of the women and children.

I am not rambling, I have a way to escape this turmoil. No, the voice a gentle prod, you’re afraid of the outcome and on the edge of bypassing a truly great humiliating moment. But the momentum, I start, the momentum I have at this rate, I can throw myself into the canyon and across the edge into the spread.

No, the voice a calm hand, velvet tones resonated, surrounding with a suffocating thin air threatening every shallow breath. You will fall, so fall, let go and become destroyed by the flaws. Embrace the destruction of that love in your heart,  bemoan and allow lesson the focus of your tormented mind and move on from the rubble.

The voice, smiled,  then whipped her hand away as I fell back into darkness.

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