Well then.. I slipped and took a small tumble.

The results we’re, well, unfortunate. As I fell, I planted my hand opposite of my body — the forward momentum took a toll on my shoulder blade and the rotating ball in the collarbone popped with a loud series of fizzles.

I leaped to my feet, cradling the offended arm, tested the pain.

I remain sore only a day after. a minor incident, during my annual check-up I’ll take an x-ray and mention my fall to my doctor.

As such — I am suffering. Immediately after the new year our lease agreement has not been renewed and I am in the market for a new residence. All on top of the continuing existence of a regular work week, errands and packing.

I’ll bang out .. some thing of 1,500 words to meet my monthly goal. Next month hopefully won’t have the same unfortunate events this month has had.


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