January 1, 2016

A new year.

In response to the voices nagging me on the hierarchy of the site layout, flash-fiction has a nested menu under “writing”. I subcategorized the posts as flash-fiction to better organize the work and allow better flow through navigation.

A word on Flash Fiction

Before, flash fiction was a sentence or two of a contained story or idea. After a few episodes, those ideas became lengthy, an upwards of 500 or more words. I have drafts of other work I have not used due to length, thus, I am reducing the amount of ‘flash-fiction’ to monthly projects I’ll release once they’re completed. I feel that, to my followers, some of you who have been patient over the course of two years deserve more.

Streaming Video Games

I have a personal steam library of 188 unique titles. No, really — I have a lot of steam titles. In the event that I stream, I often refuse vehemently to utilize any form of social media outside of wordpress. If you have a steam account or twitch.tv — feel free to message me for details if you want to observe some titles in my collection.

70page single subject stories

Finally — either the cold I have is causing hallucinations or I have lost my mind — however, frustratingly, I have other stories that cannot be contained to one world as other stories I write. I would like to exhaust over 100+ single subject notebooks in the future to readers. these will be similar to my post I had on retiring old work. Most of the books will contain notes, snippets of photos, crude drawings and roughdrafts of the story, the idea is to get fellow writers a boost on completing a book/idea I could not or entertaining some one of my followers with a tangible piece of work than digital.


Those are all the updates I have — feel free to comment or reach out to me.

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