What starts as a ripple slowly drifts my mind away,
I am fading quickly beneath the new torrent,
At once the draft, the current, an invisible island beneath my feet turns to quicksand,
I am dragged under the calm, I strike the shallow waves, the strength I had is fading,
I need help, I need sanity,
Dragged further and farther, I gasp for air and swallow in a trough of water,
I thrash wildly until I am brought to shore,
A new terror over comes me, looking back,
I am above the tide, on the rocky shore,
I breathe until I grow calm, I pray, I cry,
I live


relapses come from time to time. I can explain away the important ideas to remember when facing an addiction. I am being extremely vague. but at the depths of all that I had felt at that time 2am last night I wrote.


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