Insomnia, Meloncholia & Poetry

The thanksgiving weekend has given noticeable amount of time to clear out many old projects sitting on my shelf. One of the lengthier projects Travesty I completely retired away — Wedding invitation will be up tomorrow and a submission to the popular writers submission blog the drabble is out and awaiting approval.

the first go-round, “doctor” received a great deal of positive likes on the site. I wrote a rough draft with the intention of spring boarding into finishing the novel then detoured on a few short stories. melancholia, a film by lars von trier feels similar to a short story I would love to capture in writing.

one week, alone and house sitting, I relaxed into a oversized bean bag and queued melancholia. in a word the film is extremely depressing. from a storytelling point, the characters are memorable, the plot is simple and we’re given extremely human reactions to the end of the world.

What would you do — could you do if a small planet was going to strike the earth?


while the unforgiving ending is paramount to the film, capturing the essence of the characters. one by kristen dunst who, for a moment I forget played mary jane in several comic book films performs spectacularly.

films, old films lately are an inspiration to write. most of the spectacle of the films is their visual narrative. I am watching movement in a space as expansive as the universe with color, fleshly beings and so forth. We can, ‘feel’ the people in the space on film — in a writing narrative, I am allowed to explore more than the atmosphere but the inner thoughts of the character.

tonight has not been too fair. aside from musing over the character threads in a depressing film, I got lost in another good movie Mulholland Drive. I stopped only 53 minutes into the story to jot down a note for another project.


A working title, I hope for the rough draft to be completed in a few weeks. I am deviating from Queen of Rage, Otto the Guardian who fell to earth and others to explore this idea. Since I am — well — eccentric about the craft I am writing the first 70 pages to a 1 subject notebook to see if the story is worth fleshing out.

I am not certain, however, I haven’t slept in 14 hours so I may ramble through a few pages before calling the story a wash and moving on. a brief re-cap of what I assume I will accomplish:

  • Tomorrow, Release of the rough draft story A Wedding Invitation
  • 12/4, Release of another flash fiction
  • 12/22, Release of the first draft of Locked



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