retiring the work



to the left is the roughdraft of my novel “Travesty”, to the right is a single subject notebook for “book #3” Queen of rage.

I learned, that, over time a great idea must be shelved in order to move on to a brighter, better idea that must be explored. Queen of rage is of many ideas I started again in the past before expanding into the seedier underbelly of a mystery novel. National November Novel Month further cemented my desire to write a full fledged novel, however, the plot and outline grew too complicated for me to wrap up in 50,000 words.

I grew a bit obsessed in feeding the reader layer upon layer of words, ideas and subject matters that would only expand to other more interesting subplots that turned a brief summarized plot into an epic. I started travesty in the intention of coping with the loss of a close sibling.

slowly, the idea expanded into the work travesty is today. I’ll be carefully ‘retiring’ the work. collecting the rough draft, notes, scribbles and backing up all to some form that’s readily accessible. ‘in case’.

I slowed down on flash fiction to focus on grabbing every piece. I’ll release another incomplete but related story in a few more days. Then, turn my attention on Queen of rage and more flash fiction.

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