End of the line

I set out to write  a novel — I am no where near completing. I have to throw in the towel and give in, this is a dead thing.

Unfortunately — the hiatus was a wild success for my writing, editing and so forth. After 3 days of seclusion, I wrote, reaching then surpassing the 50k mark for NaNoWriMo.

The rough draft will be available on the site. I’ll complete the story with a few notes, however, I have to regret to say I cannot finish the novel.

Why — A brief history of Travesty

Travesty — for all purposes, is a chemical response to a terrible incident that an old character cannot fathom. Amen, is a man of particular talents, however, his sister, next in line to inherit the future city “autakris”, run by a mob entity “Phec” family — only to disappear frequently.

On one extensive hiatus from the world, his sister, Cyanide (cliche I know) returns to Amen’s home, gaunt, heavily injured, dying.

Cut many years later, Amen is convinced that his sisters death is a mere nightmare and has tried to convince others she’s alive. His insistence on Cya existing leads him into Vespes — a world parallel to Amens with a twist.

The draft had a great deal of errors, misplaced circumstances, out-right smut, confusing plot twists and a poorly executed idea. Vespes, Autakris and the characters (including Amen to some degree) are not of my own creation. I am — “playing” in a world, long dead by a dear and close friend of mine.

By that admission, I found my empathy, understanding and inspiration for these characters difficult. I could not put myself into their circumstances and the notes I created grew longer and longer.

Last night, I tossed and turned, my mind split, I had to give up on the novel. I simply cannot wrap my mind around the characters, the plot threads, any of the situation anymore.

The inhabitants, story-line and all else are dead things to me now. The November Writing month on the other hand, proved that, with the correct discipline I would be capable of meeting a goal if I put in the effort.

I’d like to thank the NaNoWriMo community and Ryan Alanz of A Writer’s Path & Kimberley Crawford for their dedication and the great coverage and encourage not only to me personally but others looking to sharpen their craft.

Cheers, I will release the incomplete, rough draft of my novel in a few weeks.


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