November Novel Month, Flash Fiction & Beyond


The process has been long, but after some 13 years of procrastinating, I threw in my bid for the 50,000 word challenge after a blog post by Kimberly. Some challenges arose in every day life that I needed to set time aside to structure and compose myself.

One of those challenges was buying out enough time to compose s story, no, a novel worth sharing with the world. Unknown to myself and many others, I often do better in complete isolation with limited resources to boot. Thus, I pulled away and spent a weekend doing that, I isolated myself from close friends and family and emerged Sunday with a 29,000 word manuscript. The creative juices were flowing and a wealth of outlines, ideas and story line all came together for me.

I started with the usual warm up every morning before diving in to the story itself where I could possibly get a great deal out of my system. Why have I taken 13 years to come to this point? Well, my poor discipline aside, I have had some of the worst cases of writers block to occur over the past 5 years, often I would run 5 months without writing anything but a physical journal entry.

So I pushed and with the turn around a dear friend often showed in her resolve to write books without any sign of stop, I made a point to do the same.

The story is simple, the premise will be from the heart and while I haven’t started any specific phase before another, coming to s conclusion will be more satisfying in saying I was capable of writing a novel than putting the project off as an unreachable goal.

On another note, I had no idea flash fiction would bloom into the flower that I see today. More and more am I finding a sudden ease to share ideas and stories within a few paragraphs before closing out on concise ideas or more often than not vague vignettes and scenes. All of the hype for writing is in the expression of the characters and summarizing who and what they are capable. If I end the month on a positive note for writing then I will aim to write the follow up novel in December and continue through the new year.

The journey making this amount of progress has been fun. I hope to continue on into the future.

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