History — How I made 50 posts and 1 year anniversary

portal_cake_by_frozennote-d3wj3zvSculpture by Frozen Note


A close friend related my insistence to create, edit, write,update and eventually destroy previous web blogs to being chaotic. I prefer to disagree as high standards and a lack of patience are the key detractors from making any progress. Then, I began watching the trend in writing I posted, the response of likes,dislikes,comments or plain indifference compared to my usual babel/commentary.

Some of the pieces that mean a great deal to me are not as well received as the pieces that have a clearer or specific outlet. Some of the pieces of fiction, in particular, the flash fiction offers me the greatest ease to write. I took a pages from both published writers and word press authors to challenge my otherwise sporadic writing. As I gained in momentum, I found another small gem of information, readers enjoy a history or otherwise enough content that grows with the writer over time.

In my past, I noticed a pattern not only in writing, but in my mind-set. Most of the mood I involve myself in revolves around an instance in the story — how better to capture that fire, sadness or remorse than inciting it in yourself?

I am rambling more than often, but, reaching this milestone is quite a feat for me. There are others I recognize with much more of an attention span that allows them to churn out content at a ridiculous rate.

Either way — I am honored. In the back of my mind there are three stories that may reach the public eye one day. One is the story of a man who travels to an alternative world to save his sister. Another captures the civil war by two kingdoms with one treating a vicious warrior as the boogie man. The third is wedding invitation, otherwise known as the birth of my favorite character to write for — Bayard.

Thank you readers. I appreciate the time you take out of your day, to


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