I am at a bit of a loss recently on trends regarding troubleshooting windows 10. I am CompTIA certified, however, small bubbles in the technology or operating system circles often burst without little knowledge or notice by your absent minded mad rhetoric. Currently, I am watching a small row of medicine balls rotate above “Resetting this PC” as the numbered percentage slowly increases below the windows 10 icon.

I only plugged in the recent purchase. A ASUS GTX 750Ti came in the mail today. After a few candid photos of the new purchase which will not ever see the light of instagram, I took my precautions in installing the graphics card. The case was sideways on the anti-static mat for a total of 11 minutes as I performed surgery. Removing a pesky SATA cable of a failed introduction to dual-booting environment I double-checked all of my accessories, plugged in the power then waited patiently as my monitor adjusted to the new power of a dedicated card.

Windows failed to boot. In fact, the bios, complete with that ugly ancient icon flashed and awaited my command. I think I know the actual problem, I set the boot priority to the correct hard drive. In the absence of the hard drive for dual booting, I figured I had mixed the boot priority. Whatever.

With the setup established and everything that I saw could be well — I rebooted to a sad smiley face explaining that Windows 10 had failed to boot into my main hard drive. The main hard drive that I  had so patiently waited for, saw in the bios and ran from earlier before the install of my card.

I am worried, no, concerned at the life span of the hard drive as the reset takes place. Hard drives are the bane of any technician, we can swap in and out “good working hard drives” from existing machines only to hear the mechanical failure under the tutting staccato under the lid. Simply put — there is no repairing a hard drive by hand. In fact, hard drive failures are some of the main reasons we relied on a RAID configuration.

Frustration set-aside, I will now patiently await the turn of the events from the current struggle of adjusting to personal PC repair. If I were a novice however, I am sure this purchase to my current machine would have been an install along with some bargaining between myself and a sales person at best-buy or harassing some off shore technical support member until the twilight hours before my work shift.

I sit here and I wait for the repair to finish. Hopefully keeping a few small insignificant settings I personalized on the system in tact while I imagine how immersive I will be in this great new graphics card. Although I heard a pop earlier from the power supply…


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