Flash Fiction – Change Pt. 1


A soft, filtered, distant noise.

Speaking, either a radio or a television based on the disinterest of the voice in the distance. Scribbling, a pencil jotting in vigorous cursive lines only to pause then take off in the journey again.

A small peace in between all the noise, to the invisible warmth of sunlight bleeding up the side of his cheek, lips and eyes. Light slowly formed into a pillar, a strong angelic form expanding wings of parallel light to both sides until the darkness in the center coalesced into a haze of unearthly shapes. The shades of color, brown, white, blue slowly hovered in the distance.

“S.. Stop.. ”

Noise, heightened panic as the calls went beyond the distance. Hills formed out of the off-shades, slowly moving in gentle waves.

” H.. — Kee- sa-..” A terrible pressure ran flat over all of his body. Suspended in the fear, gasping at the air which escaped him.

The light began to fade.

The light faded faster.

Then darkness.


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