i’m fine

Immediately following a quick glance and a few comments on my daily activities, I often notice the furrowed brows of those I speak to as their gaze shifts to concern.

“are you, okay?” to which I have learned to instinctively reply with, “I’m fine” or “well I am on the right side of the earth.” and my most often favorite, “Well, I could go on for hours with everything wrong, but, I dont think you want to hear me complain.”

which I do not. I do not enjoy the pain every morning, the stress of a job which I committed myself to 3 months ago. If I were to step back, take a deep breathe and jump in head first to all of the projects surrounding my responsibilities, I could scream.

For the most part, having the new assignment as an administrator for a retail company has some nice perks. I am always surrounded by new and interesting technology from a number of large companies as well as the growing respect from my peers.

In many ways, I am curious as to how or what I have to handle even further as the job wears on. If there is a simple trend I am noticing, everyone everywhere needs equipment. Bemoaning the day-in and day-out frustration of lacking the necessary tools to make their job any easier. I oblige these requests considering the nature of the retail industry is to spend money. However, how is the actual control of my work and where is the check of equipment that leaves at any given time?

the assignment has given me a great deal of responsibility and an almost endless list of assignments to either connect, string together or otherwise force myself to acknowledge and hammer out a solution sooner rather than later. Strangely for myself, today was an entirely productive day. Spurned on by the growing number of requests by my employees for free shit, I took it upon myself to remove much of the temptation in liquidating assets.

Most of the equipment is pretty lackluster, computer hard drives under a terabyte, computer memory that is completely incompatible with many higher-end and otherwise more useful devices in my possession. I ‘cleaned’ house so to speak and will continue to give more visibility to those who are in charge by routinely counting, updating and providing feed-back on all the equipment I receive, give out and request back.

Soon I hope to have an airtight seal on all the equipment in my care. Eventually though, I will allow some liberties to be taken.


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