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setting aside my whimpering at being a full-time adult. in the mean time, for the first time, I managed to completely fill a personal writing journal off-site.

now, I am working on the final piece to any writers repertoire, a full writing journal. I mean the type of writing journal where fictional ideas and characters are created. a workshop of sorts that allows some one the freedom to explore ideas no matter how brief they are.

In the offset, I started the journal 11 years ago, the battle worn magnetic clasp barnes & noble purchase is long overdue for a replacement, but I still have 4 pages left. How will I go out in a journal in the existence has allowed my ideas to flourish as calmly as a babbling brook to as forceful as a raging river.

I am not entirely certain. with the ideas ranging from existence travelling super beings whose primary function is to die and wake up in the most horrific ways possible to parallel worldly travel. If I took any advice to heart from my creative writing teacher is not to stop writing. I had a brief drought from writing as i tried to find that ‘book’. many will often know what i mean, the one ‘book’ which is great for writing, excellent spacing for the ideas to flow and feels nice when handled. not a book too big to carry on personally but not to flimsy that quick notes or ideas cannot be explored. if artists of brush and pencil have sketch diaries, writers have ‘journals’ which we explore.

as this diaries world comes to a close, I am looking forward to the next book to fill with a wealth of ideas. ‘new’ ideas.


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