forward momentum

Before hand, my position was a little overwhelming, without the correct team to assist in working most of my job was relagated to responding appropriately to all of the emails I received.

Now, I move on to manage other people into a position for their prosperity.

Recently a tactless young man was supervising my work as i slowly grew in the ranks as asset administrator. The wretched cage of equipment thrown sloppily about was a sign of defeat on his part. Time went on and he opened up more, mainly through my own judgement in giving him enough information to feel his position warranted responsibility and I was simply liason with all upper management.

The writing is clear and those down to earth or at least on my plain are bracing for the inevitable move. While I remain stuck in my ways, a great deal of joy overwhelms me.

For once I manipulated people for a greater outcome as a whole than my individual gain.

When a person performed out of pity for me or under obligation, i felt that I only influenced their moral standard than an almost remarkably untapped potential.

Communication and a mild approach is best served, also, along with delegation I have pulled away from one or two incidents that would complicate my almost flawless track record with upper management.

Not once in my early childhood would I imagine myself assisting and supervising other people. Now, the brief run I have as plans roll my way and I assist in roll-outs and organizing the way events see fit, I must wonder if this is not my dream position but simply a profession I am suited for.

I was called an ant before, they all work towards a single goal and not one is a specified leader, but they all take orders.

Can i bring that mentality to the team?

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