World of woes

The finger has closed shut with a black clot of blood fused in the loops of my stitches. Discarding the original purple cloth and thick gauze cleared some mobility in my pinkie.

Now, about the worlds best game of telephone.

Shortly after my accident, i reached out to a associate whom I was assigned to assist in an audio/video department for a convention. Seeing the urgency to communicate that I couldnt secure means for the travel i emailed him.

As email is low priority to me but communicates instantaneously, i gathered he would pause briefly through the message and send his regards. Which he did, pleasant and poignant, i moved on. The following day I received a follow-up call from the overseer of the group I am assigned.

He understood the message as I had been in a serious car wreck making my vehicle inoperatable. I cleared much of the understanding in the 5 minute call, although i knew a number of people would be effected by my abscence, i hadnt thought to pass information along that the incident was a big deal.

Now, wednesday I receive another call. Word has reached a close friend of mine that I was in the hospital and my car completely totalled.

Wow. Not to mention several text messages and word spreading that I had some life threatening incident, I was amazed. Finally, one day into the event I am able to secure a ride and means to make saturday and sundays sessions.

The word of mouth spread feverently among my friends and their friends and many were shocked to see me, well, alive.

I can rest a little at ease knowing to some degree people care although they are terrible in games of telephone.

Miscommunication with friends is a simple, rather easily rectified matter; dealing with employees I am supposed to supervise is another.

The current position i work at revolves around shipping, inventory and replacing equipment in a tight schedule. With the air seal that threatens to suffocate me in the musk of previous corpses who have fled or failed to supply demands of their corporate counterparts, I balance responsibilities of personalities, work loads and strategic planning. When the bosses call down, I must answer promptly, provide updates on key projects and ensure the team doesnt look or sound incompetant.

While away last week, one of the current employees had a rash of otherwise insane request for the following week. Since the current office of employees basically cannot act until I am full time with their firm, I walk a balancing act of being thinly in charge and operating as liason to all of those slowly butting the current administrator to the side.

While I try to weight the burden of the correct words to say and procedures to follow, there are snafus. One is a curreny project in where communication was rendered by myself then another creating a new incident that will make the team look severely incapable of proper roll-outs. While i cannot address all the details, key pieces of equipment werent shipped appropriately to locations which will appear rushed and I will now have a second shipment of off the book catch-up to cover our tracks.

Then recently his inante focus for cleanliness and his pushy attitude has soured the mindsets of most corporate employees.

I am now trying to keep his ass from getting fired while smiling enough to allow him closure as a competent worker. Push to hard, he will cry insubordination, bend to his every will, he will assume he can always walk over me. Balance.

In many ways, I play house of cards over and over in my head. On my way to the top there can be no mercy but allies have to be forged and tested.

Who said middle management can’t be fun?


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