Growing Pains

I told him I would be the last to meet someone I would consider marrying. Funnily enough, my rationality succeeded and I was right. Since the entirety of the group I frequent around has considered the “Four Letter Word Personality Test” as a great backdrop to each individual who tests, I find myself over analyzing how I approach my thoughts lately.

Quietly nestled in the recesses of my mind, I retreat to a far off land of color and splendor. I contemplate the true validity in falling ‘backwards’ with a bullet lodged in my body to save my life. I explore the infinite in endless space, time.. Well, you probably get the idea.

I started this story off with a reference to the MBTI tests, now I am rambling on about nothing. I feel like a man who is useless to the world. Stranded forever on a foreign planet filled with folks who are as alien as I am. For the life of me, I cannot escape, I have to endure my stay until my untimely exit. Either by magnificent splendor or horrible tragedy I will die. These thoughts I grasp can often achieve a wonderful balance in the deeper thoughts of my mind.

Most of all, I question, why?

Why do people go out of there comfort zone to see another person happy or to cheer them up out of a mental slump? Is there an item, some retribution? Often, I have surmised that any action by a male or female can be traced to a man, woman or child. Specifically towards the opposite sex. I often find anyone motivation can be seen quite plainly. Thus, spending time with the group of folks I often affectionately refer to as friends problems are boring. Are you having problems in your workplace? Is the workplace a problem, environment, history or background of some one there causing distress? If that individual were removed from the source of your employment, would your attitude adjust and improve?

If the answer is yes, then, the follow up is understanding why that person either makes life a living hell or brings undue stress.


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