Killer, i can focus and my mind is less on the default fog that ia brought on by lacking sexual release. Two weeks have gone by since the last time I had a release.

The weird sensation that normally put a great strain on me emotionally has been reduced to a valve release of some sort bordering on clearing my head and pressing a reset button. The draw back to all of this sexual tension, is the muscles will begin to contract and once more I will feel anxiety, no, like a rubberband pulled taut on the cusp of snapping at half.

Release of this caliber has flaws, even good results. The refractory period after such an orgasm has grown shorter. Roughly 6 or 7 minutes afterward, laying down I did not feel overwhelmed by a drowsy sensation as the normal routine. I felt a slight revitalization in my body fueles to continue shortly there after. Now I wait in bed, contemplating the potential dump on Monday of “ewaste” material I may be allowed to salvage from the site. On top of a paycheck, GoWireless occassionally dumps equipment on aome other third party to waste the machines that arent in use.

I managed to salvage two monitors for my own use. The only other follow up of the material I can think to look for is a complete computer system without the hard drives. I honestly wish to salvage 3 machines with a ‘must’ limit of 2 for certain. I can gut the machines and put the remainder in the current case along with the powersupply that has sat for nearly 5 years unused.

In other news, I continue to hallucinate, often times small voices, images of figures standing quietly in the doorway to my room slowly approaching then vanishing as I turn to face them.

What the hell does that mean anyway?


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