Down town experience

Previously on walking rhetoric.

Not previously, simply put, I enjoy container park a great deal. So much, I often walk away with bruises from the entire experience of the tree house. A multi-story playground for adults and children, with the endless opportunities for freeze tag, hide and go seek along with racing, jumping and sliding down an adult size playground on Fremont street.

Las Vegas night life is the pursuit of a good feeling while chasing a small buzz off a long island iced tea. Whether you are a tourist humming down the famed strip or a local visiting your personal bar spot,there is a place for new experiences everywhere.

Recently, well, several years ago container park was formed to include equal parts Las Vegas flair with those in mind with a budget. Mainly, the on stage shows are free to all of the public, with a sound ranging from indie, jazz, pop and cover artist who include top 40 from then and now. Seriously, the singer last night made Justin Bieber palatable to me. The live shows aside, there lies in the center of the park a 5 or 6 story tube slide with an adult sized tree house.

Can you tell I visited recently?

All of the allure of container park aside however, the street on the way back, caught me by surprised. Large scale commissioned art work on the side of a building.

Street art ranges from elitist tagging to god awful stencils all around the valley. However, these beautiful large scale scenes perfectly expressed the new look of down town that Las Vegas is moving into.


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