Take a picture

in coffee shops or restaurants, I often observe people snapping a small photograph on their cell phone of the item their eating. I wonder, how will that information translate years later after they’ve grown older. Will you look back fondly on that coffee cake and be inspired? I lost a great deal of photos due to some mergers in yahoo, inexperience in digital back-ups and being inconsistent.

Today, I snap photos, back-up, create back-ups of back-ups then I pray my work doesn’t go up in a house fire. Isn’t the saddest part for all of the hard work or effort, it could almost all be destroyed in a flash. In the short term, I believe I’ve lost faith in our ability to create our own memories, over sharing, over inundating the world with snapshots does not resonate the same emotions as they did before facebook and myspace became a popular way to share ‘moments’.

in the interim, I’ve hosted at least five separate online journals where I displayed often childish, foolish and otherwise redundant adolescent fears, frustrations and thoughts before becoming disgruntled and abandoning projects altogether. perhaps that is where I have to draw the line in all of the obsessive back-ups, snapshots and home servers I planned to invest in.

a simple photograph would suffice and with time, patience and simply not meddling in things, the memory may last longer.

or I’m an idiot.


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