Finding good fiction

Did I go back and favorite one of their pieces of artwork? For certainty, I double checked the folder of a variety of art submissions from the most talented artists of Deviant Art on a whim to find out where the fascination slanted. While a mixed bag of fine art, comic art, photography, stock photography and literature is scattered through my favourites page in no organized manner, I tried to find the progenitor of the inspired trip to that piece of fiction.

Without finding a piece of artwork I classified as a “Favourite” I caught a glimpse of three characters poised with a small furry creature and daisy dukes. I can trace back my thought process of how I came to find the artists known as DarkerEve on this website, what was my logic or discovery that lead me to Red-Gambit?

Upon first glance of the graphic artists page, I saw the ideal female, fair skin, curves and dark hair down past her shoulders. While the name, “Faye Valentine” reminded me of earlier years, deeply involved in the late night showings of Cowboy Bebop on Toonami’s midnight run, I threw them a “watch” for more content and moved on. Red-Gambit would later post a poll on the community of followers on their next project, where to go from here and I threw in my two cents with a comment.

In time, I received a response, a conversation took place and a spark of curiosity peaked my interests further into the depths of Red-Gambits creation that many others idolized as an ideal female. Not for a moment did I conclude, exactly “what” had hit me. Adam’s Song, which the character is based from in the graphic designers gallery, took me places and inspired me to reply in a way I rarely have many opportunities to do on a website as bustling as deviantArt. At length, I often held regrets in following trends of artists who specifically catered to one or more audiences, however, no matter what the decision, artistic expression cannot reward financially as much as earning the fans respect. I could write the story I want to write in the voice I chose, but, if I lack the vision and a stable protagonist the writing or work falls into a small niche without seeing any true reward.

Slowly, however, the narrative sucked me inside to the mentality of the once simplified experience of being a man brings. Then I read past the first chapter of Red-Gambits “Adam’s Song” and I felt stumped by the piece of writing I had on display. Here, I spent the better half of my day reading about the unconscious transformation of a full-grown man into some one not quite male or full-grown.   Inside , a deep sensation burns through the reservations, a small trigger focusing my attention on the progression in the fiction.

I’m now an addict.

I exploded with such a ferocious critique on Red-Gambit’s work, I feared the reply I might receive.

Red-Gambit 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist

Wow…it’s 1am where I live, so this probably isn’t the best time for me to be responding. But wow. This is the most thoughtful and insightful review I’ve ever read on my work. Normally I’m content with a “Hey, that was cool.” comment, but this goes far an away beyond that.I don’t want to address everything point by point, because everything you said was really positive, so I would really just be patting myself on the back. For the most part I really just try to keep my writing as punchy and fast paced as possible. I’ve been told by some very generous people that it’s similar to Joss Whedon in terms of mixing snappy dialog and serious drama.

Anyways, let me finish by saying thank you very much again. I haven’t posted all the parts here because virtually no-one has read them (or if they have, they’re not saying anything). Let me know if you want to continue and I’ll post the rest shortly. AS has six parts, and I’m currently writing the sequel series which is up to five parts.

I had a response from some one who had the artistic ability to draw their characters out on paper, express their ideas through words then continue on longer than I ever managed on my own. The other chapters swiftly passed as I continued to read, most often into the early morning, crafting and tailoring my thoughts down for the writer to experience the critiques I always wanted. Deeper the rabbit hole goes, I had to question the reasoning of why I read and critiqued, then awaited a response. Am I losing touch with my own work? Do I have to justify my own shortcomings while praising the length and craftsmanship of others? In a way, I could easily see how the workings I reviewed labelled as smut or abhorrent garbage. To me, I thrive on the mental, the transformation, the complete re-wiring of the mind displayed by the character.
All writers, have a desire to be critiqued, to be reviewed, to be told how or what the narrative inspires in others. An artist can create passionate linds on paper, emphasized by the colours of the pallet until praises arise. What do writers have? They have words which are passionate, a fire burning inside of them waiting to be extinguished with the resonating appreciation of a reader.
I often wonder, how much longer until I find that instance where I capture the perfect expression, firing off on my own storyline that inspires some one, to admire me?

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