I had a dream of a snake

two nights ago.

I pressed a big reset button in my mind but, half the time I enjoy the moments of silence between thoughts. then, I had the wildest of dreams which I could not hold myself from researching.

  • In my dream, I am in my room, the door is closed at the time. there is a large black snake underneath my bed, writhing lazily about. the length is nearly the entire size of my queen size bed and the friends who are in the room with me run out screaming. I’m left to capture the snake or deal directly with the snake unde my bed. I decide to use a trap, the snake appears to recognize my plan, the large yellow eyes following me as I get on my stomach with a rope tied into a noose. as I try to capture the snake by the neck, it opens its mouth wide, fangs appear and in a flash I am bitten on my face. I recoil a few seconds too late and then I wake up

repressed anger, holding on to terrible damaging habits which will eventually blow up in my face?

Observing a dream this detailed left me to wonder through the dream moods website, picking out keywords and come together with an interpretation.

Some highlights of the dream include a few items, a noose, fangs, being bitten, trap, bedroom and a snake.

First, the noose, represents repressed anger if the noose is around someone’s neck or rage towards a particular condition. to see a snake, being bitten by one identifies hidden fears and worries that are threatening you (me). The dream is maybe alerting you (me) to something in your waking life that you(I) am not aware of or has not yet surfaced. Bedrooms represent or signify aspects of yourself (myself) that you keep private. To trap or lay a trap, indicates that you (I) are trying to desperately hold onto a relationship, to some old habits or to former ways. being bitten in a dream represents vulnerability regarding some unresolved issues or emotions. there maybe a pestering problem or obstacle or a metaphor for biting off more than you can chew.

In retrospect of the dream, I have had some mentally exhausting events turn over the past few months. the sudden epiphany hit me, regarding that situation I have no control over.

life has a crazy way of bringing you to terms with coping with mentally frustrating situations.

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