Time is supposed to heal all wounds. In the case of the opposite sex, I haven’t always found that to be fair if the other party continously re-opens them. Suffice to say, these past few weeks have been a test on friends and relationships reaching the mid-way point of a possible decade enduring one another.

The woman often referred to as Tekkers Lynn has been in my life over 11 years. In fact, one night I met them during a brief period my parents will fail to recall needing a night out. I climbed into the back-seat of their sedan before taking off to their home across town of virginia. I recall bits and pieces of my the night at an early age, many words I had been oblivious too. Thinking back, I kick myself on the many missed opportunities.

Forward along to getting through high-school, Tek and I grew up through our own struggles of adolescence, slowly, however, I simply pulled away for all of the wrong reasons. Terrified that we may actually be compatible, the prospect of a healthy, loving relationship with a beautiful woman was alien to me. I wanted the difficulty of immature women, the emotional scarring of straining long-distance commitments made over time through internet connections.

Now 10 years later, will be one of the first times I’ll be visiting my family away from family. I look on other friends who have either similar situations as I do, straining out the patience of their loving mate for the sake of their own selfish desires. no issues were ever prevalent than last Friday before my brothers graduation party. after a few hours playing basketball, a few friends and I retreated to a close friends apartment to play Sony’s variant on Super Smash Bros. Melee, Playstation AllStars. I didn’t have any commitments early morning, the weekend lay ahead of me so I stayed a few hours extra. However, one of my friends is married to an understanding young woman whose often accompanying him at every turn. I remember similar situations when I had someone.

10PM comes around, his phone rings. I notice the contact photo, his wife. He promises only a few hours at there house.

12am rolls around, he misses a call. 1:30am, I’m sure I’ve received a missed call (she has my number for reasons). Well, giving that now I have at least a guaranteed 7 hours of possible “good” sleep ahead of me, I decide on calling the night. My brothers party is only 20 hours away or so.

..meanwhile, the couple shows up and his wife is aloof and disgruntled.

a friend would detail the frustrations she had experienced from similar situations in the past. basically being ignored for the sake of her husband having time by himself with their friends.

In a way, I had to write to seek out an answer. I’ve certainly done worse to my friend Tek, who in fact, has put up with me for an extraneous amount of time. In men, we often forget how mean our words or actions can be against the opposite sex. Rarely has she cried but recalled how one time she had felt self conscious about her image. I replied that she had gotten ‘fat‘.

Way to go objecterror. That was 3 years ago, which she brought to my attention recently. If time had passed over 5 years from some mean spells I had said and caused us to severe communication for nearly two years, how much time does my friend have I wonder?

thank you zeruch-stock image can be found here

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