Back in the swing

Writing full-time is a goal I endure to one day meet. Unlike video posts and podcasts, writing has a immortality. At least to some degree, over the past ten years I wrote for two now defunct websites briefly offering opinions, news articles and reviews of video games. Most recently, I worked part-time for a website circuitdigital, the UK based site focused on observations from technology, gaming and recent news.

While the website failed to garner the same notoriety of Ars Technica or Wired, the extended run over two years felt modest. I learned a great deal on approaching topics, discussions on hardware and researching subjects that became transparent over time. In a way, I felt I had offered some talent to the world of digital media and my work would stay there for a long time.

Unfortunately, websites are increasingly disposible, unless a site gains popularity and regular viewers every day, maintainence can overwhelm a single individual whose functions vary. Our site administrator had to include cost of publishing, upkeep of the web domain and regular research through adwords and other advertising. As a dog-eat dog-world, every small website is attempting in some degree to ‘make it’ breaking a huge story that will bring a flock of new individual readers to the throng and possibly continue to expand as a world-wide dominance.

I’d be content having a some what ‘household’ name within the community, offering a unique insight, memorable personality and eventually moving on to write a book.

All of these words and not even a point? Alright, in a recent post from Eventhubs, their twitter account announced a part-time position for a content editor for the fighting game community website. Now, I’ve been infrequent on their website over the past two years, but, the name pops-up regularly during many popular streaming events, normally hosted by TeamSpooky. After flat out asking ‘where’ I could follow players, tier lists and other news about majors in my area, spooky mentioned the event hubs site and I became a member.

One of the most intriguing facts is the means of how they calculate their information and ‘tier’ lists. I won’t go into detail, but, ranking characters across several fighting games is difficult. Most of my time is spent in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (up until a theft recently) and Super Street Fighter AE which is now a PC port I play. I dabbled in their tier lists, to find out if the measured tier list actually met up to real world situations. In fact, they did, event hubs became my new favourite when comparing player match-ups and watching increasingly better players (PIE Smug & SanfordKelly come to mind in Ultra SF) go against one another in tournaments.

I wanted an in. So, I applied to the position. Now I wait, hopefully, I can get a positive response about the position and a schedule I can work with will be available to me. Admittedly, my only public face on the internet writing has been several failed/deleted blog attempts dating back to early xanga , deadjournal and live journal accounts. I enjoy writing, but, can I get inside to write full time?

Only time will tell.

image from seven valleys writing
link to image [ here ]


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